We build your company
from the ground up.

Collectively, we've built 6 companies, invested early in 100+ startups,
accelerated over 120 startups, and made 16 exits

The journey of building and scaling an early-stage company
can be messy and filled with uncertainty

Beyond capital, what founders really need during that critical stage of the startup lifecycle is hands-on operational support, seasoned know-how, and a founder-first partnership


Idea and pre-revenue MVP

Up to USD $200K


Working/post-revenue product

Up to USD $500K

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Up to USD $1M

As hands-on investors and company builders, we are ideally positioned
to provide the essential stack of operational value-add for our portfolio companies

We typically invest at pre-seed or seed rounds, and then aim to invest in every round up to liquidity. We aim to be the first investor in our startups. In future rounds, we personally guide our founders on fundraising: we review and iterate on their messaging and pitch deck, run rehearsal meetings, and make introductions to appropriate investors.
We guide founders through the hurdles of product-market fit and go to market. We give them access to our in-house specialist team. From establishing customer bases to launch and generating revenue, we’re there to help them build and grow incredible products that people love, ultimately driving traction and top-line growth.
Founders get 24/7 access to our general partners and operating partners to help them minimize waste and get faster results.
We help founders run a great recruiting process. We review their job requirements, providing intelligence on what’s working and not, compensation data, and meeting with key candidates as part of the “closing” process if they need a little more help.
Understanding and owning narrative can be a significant competitive advantage in everything from fundraising to hiring and business development, which is why we help founders across the board - whether it’s building their brand strategies, developing key messaging, content creation, sourcing creative agencies, writing press releases or talking to journalists.
Our network becomes their network. As a member of our community, founders gain access to potential hires, customers, investors, partners, and friends!