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We're focused on Agile as a value based discipline by providing resources, technology and methodology to guide you through your quest to achieve your goals with better approaches.

Team of passionate domain experts, innovators, creators, engineers and a support team thrilled to be working in this industry and are obsessed with our partners and clients success.

The Portfolio network helps connect 3.75 M+ college and university students from over 190 partner institutions with 50,000+ employers based on their proven skills and competencies.

Supr Daily is a daily milk delivery service in India, making your life easier and freeing up your day so you can live more, do more, and be more.

Powered by the Stellar network, an open global protocol for payments enabling low cost, high access and seamless multi-asset transactions. Lightyear enables forward thinking financial entities to easily join the Stellar ecosystem.

Easy, affordable and secure online medical visits. HeyDoctor makes it fast and easy to get treatment, prescriptions, and labs for simple medical problems online in less than 5 mins.

Concrete Sensors
Taking accurate RH readings in a slab without having to perform destructive testing, equipped with the easiest to use and the most accurate platform for concrete strength, temperature and relative humidity monitoring.

Medumo is a healthcare start-up that helps healthcare organizations deliver the right instructions to the right patients at the right time using automated SMS and email.

Ampsy uses its proprietary social geofencing technology and machine learning to help clients identify, segment & activate their most socially influential customers for increased brand loyalty, engagement & revenue.

We’ve been powering esports experiences. With deep roots in the early Starcraft and League of Legends competitive scenes, our founders knew there was a better way to organize tournaments than pen and paper.

Current provides collaborative banking solutions, starting with a smart debit card and app for parents to provide better financial education for their kids. It was founded in 2015 and is headquartered in New York.

Leveraging the full power of technology to elevate the standard of prenatal care, guiding mothers through each period with practice-specific tasks related to nutrition, exercise, and behaviors appropriate to pregnancy.

Call us picky, but we believe high standards are a good thing. What began as designing jewelry we wanted in our own jewelry boxes, has evolved into a transformation of the fine jewelry industry.

Genomic Prediction
Implementing an expanded pre-implantation genetic screening test which allows screening for 100’s of Mendelian diseases and complex quantitative trait risks.

Providing the premier collaborative decision-support platform with a unique blend of data analytics-as-a-service enhanced with next-generation simulation modeling, deep learning, and AI capabilities enables robust decision-making.

We’re simplifying the entire wholesale distribution channel into 3 easy steps. Search and discover wholesalers. Compare products, prices, see product availability, reviews and ratings. 1-click purchasing.

1 API for ACH, card and mobile money payments. The easiest way to make and accept payments from customers anywhere in the world.

FishViews are 360 panoramic virtual tours of rivers, coasts and shores for your desktop or mobile device enabling science, conservation and recreation with the largest database of virtually mapped waterways to date.

EVEN Financial
Focused on evolving how financial institutions connect with consumers and provide them with the best product recommendations at the right moment, facilitating on-demand and personalized customer acquisition experiences.

Enertiv is a leading energy data and analytics company specializing in the collection, visualization and analysis of real-time energy data.

CrowdMed gets patients on the right path to a cure.We’re harnessing the collective wisdom of a global, online medical community to provide patients with a clear path to their diagnosis and cure.

Making it easy for companies to offer student loan debt repayment as an employee benefit, cutting down the time that their employees would otherwise be in debt by an average of 8 years.

Neighbor Schools
Neighbor Schools mission is to help experienced educators launch and operate Family Child Care programs. In doing so, they aim to increase access to affordable, high-quality child care for parents everywhere.

molecular stethoscope
Tissue-specific cell-free circulating RNA is a newly developed area for molecular diagnosis. Molecular Stethoscope aims to transform healthcare by providing early insight into a patient’s healthy versus disease state.

Kite augments your coding environment with all the internet’s programming knowledge. Kite is the first internet connected co-pilot for programming.

Transforming how people care for themselves, their families, and their communities using mobile technologies and products to empower society with tools to track the spread of disease in real-time, and stop it.

Reimagining background checks with a tech-first, AI-driven approach that provides the fastest background check for employment needs, benefiting from real-time, actionable notifications, so hiring decisions come sooner.

Improvado.io is the leading ETL middleware servicing brands, agencies, and more that requires no developers.

A convenient all-in-one nutritional shake containing a blend of plant-based proteins, green, antioxidants, vitamins, minerals and natural digestive enzymes.

Quantivize Health

Proof helps increase conversion rate by displaying recent customer activity on your website, enabling your marketing team to personalize your website for each visitor without writing a single line of code.

Prodigy works with your existing software and sales process without extensive re-training or switching software costs. Seamless integrations mean our average dealer sells over 30 cars with Prodigy in their first week alone.

NuEyes is focused on the development of OGD smartglasses, a wearable device for people with visual impairments. NuEyes Smartglasses bring the future to you in a small, compact yet powerful head worn device.

Nomiku creates tools that enable everyone to cook the best food possible. Creator of the smallest and most powerful sous vide devices

Pyze helps digital publishers solve their biggest challenge – long-term user retention. Pyze developed the first of its kind Machine Learning based customer intelligence and marketing platform to automate analysis, engagement.

Financial risk management for construction and home improvement. We are an exciting and rapidly growing fintech company specializing in the home improvement loan sector.

Smart Building Solutions company offering an affordable facility monitoring and controls platform for the commercial and industrial building market.

Shippabo is an online platform that provides its users with shipping rates and shipment scheduling solutions. The platform offers freight forwarding, government filings, and trucking and drayage services to its users.

Get advice from a professional stylist. Just for you. Anytime. Anywhere. Customer engagement is made easy from a safe distance.

Sense Photonics
Developing the most state of the art lidar emitter at the lowest price point on the market. We design and deploy scalable 3D vision systems that are transforming automotive and industrial use-cases for LiDAR

The Betterview platform provides property insight and workflow tools to help Insurance companies accelerate decisions and improve risk at every point of the policy lifecycle.

COOLS is a curated marketplace connecting modern brands to modern people. COOLS became a search engine that brings together hundreds of retailers and thousands of brands in one single place.

Get clear visibility into your finances, save thousands of dollars, and keep your business running at top speed. Monitor the pulse of your entire business from one single visual dashboard.

AdBulk MRO Industrial Supply is distributing Maintenance, Repair and Operations (MRO) products to India’s leading MNCs, PSUs and Corporates Description.

Leading provider and innovator of technology for programmable business. The BlockApps ecosystem includes software startups, IT and professional services’ firms, industry owned businesses and Fortune 500 corporations.


Dealpath is the deal management and collaboration platform for commercial real estate investment and development teams.

Dash Radio
Dash Radio is a digital radio broadcasting platform with more than 60 original stations, curated by DJ’s, radio personalities, musicians, and music taste makers. You can stream it online or download the app with no cost.

Darmiyan’s fully automated proprietary software platform inputs human brain MRI and produces maps that detect Alzheimer’s disease up to fifteen years before symptoms.

The world’s first social game of its kind! Match with people on your level, play live games on video chat, and earn points to level up.

We help educators buy homes in expensive areas. a San Francisco headquartered company on a mission: make buying and investing in urban real estate smarter, for everyone.

Jido Maps is a software company that offers an API for persistent augmented reality.

Hello Heart
Hello Heart for Health Plans is a wellness program that helps reduce health care costs using the only clinically validated mobile solution for heart disease.

Osaro creates machine intelligence software that combines state-of-the-art perception with powerful adaptive decision-making abilities.

At Oooh we’ve been secretly building a more interactive, smarter, creator-centric digital platform that will be a one-stop-shop for all our favorite things.

Piggy started with the idea that a technology-driven, user-focused service can solve the investing problem in India.

Peptilogics is developing eCAP technology, a propriety platform with pre clinical effectiveness against resistant bacteria and biofilms.

Full-service marketing for your local business. OneLocal revolutionizes full service marketing for your local business by removing all the friction from the discovery process through to and including payment.

SmartUp is a leader in mobile based entrepreneurial learning, and a private network of the world’s leading digital entrepreneurs and investors.

Stowaway knows that if you’re on-the-move, your beauty products are too, providing potable, minimalistic and packaged options.

Spry Health
Spry Health provides health care payers with real-time analytics to manage chronically ill patients, avoid preventable hospitalizations, and save money on the 5% of patients who drive 50% of health spending.

Radius Networks
Radius Networks is the leading provider of mobile proximity technologies to generate customer traffic analytics and drive innovative customer engagements.

Quit Genius
Quit Genius is a gamified behavioral therapy app to help smokers quit.

Wright Electric is building commercial electric airplanes for lower prices, higher safety, and zero emissions. Our first run was a hybrid-electric 9-seat “puddle jumper” optimized for < 300-mile flights like Boston-Nantucket.

Synthego is a leading provider of genome engineering solutions specializing in synthetic guide RNA designed for CRISPR genome editing and research.

We leverage manufacturing technologies that already exist and have been scaled. We utilize existing battery roll-to-roll processing. Whatever we do is intended to work at scale.

agolo provides Effective summarization to reach a broader range of information, ensuring you won’t miss critical insights.

A technology company dedicated and committed to helping companies maximize their value creation through the use of technology.

Everly HR is a fully integrated Human Capital Management, Benefits Administration and a Marketplace Platform built for the way companies, employers, brokers and benefits providers should interact.

Yoshi began in 2015 as a gas delivery service, delivering gas to your vehicle, wherever you were using small pickup trucks with top loaded DOT approved gas tanks in the back.

WeRecover has built the world’s first online matching engine for addiction recovery centers..

We’re building the future of personal finance: a fast-learning, AI-powered assistant that takes care of your money so you don’t have to.

TARA has the ability to analyze 100+ data points on each candidate and recruit the most effective engineers using automated AI technology.

Tamara Mellon Brand is the leading direct-to-consumer women luxury brand.

Sure allows users to purchase insurance when you want it, and where you want it all through our user-centric application.

Tru Optik
Tru Optik offered a patented Household Graph and targeted advertising of more than 80 million homes across the streaming media ecosystem.

Idea Consult
is an online consultancy software that combines market research, best practices, data mining & processing technology.

is a cloud kitchen platform that address new consumer habits, bringing businesses closer to customers and communities.

is a next-gen delivery and logistics solutions to business partners.