We invest in smart and ambitious founders building the next wave of game-changing technologies. 

We invest in revenue-ready and post-revenue startups. With each investment, we aim to leverage our in-house resources to fuel the growth of our startups.

Our Investment Parameters

Capital FAQs

Our “Venture Capital” model focuses on fueling early-stage tech startups and emerging founders who have demonstrated high potential for growth and scaling in the market. Besides providing pre-seed and seed investment, we bring together our company building expertise and in-house resources to help our startups grow and scale.

Any early-stage technology-enabled startup with high growth potential can apply to receive our fund and work with our in-house subject matter experts. We also welcome players from all industries with disruptive solutions.

Founders who demonstrate strong belief and commitment in what they are doing are among the profiles we aim to collaborate with and empower in addition to demonstrating a high level of domain expertise.

Of course! We provide you with in-kind support besides the funds in the form of operational and technical resources that streamline your operations.

We are industry and sector agnostic. 

We highly value the impact of technology and we look forward to leveraging its usage in all fields for the utmost benefit of the society, and therefore we concentrate on solutions and products that embed technology to change the lives of customers.

Yes! This is one of the many perks you enjoy besides working along our expert team and receiving investment.


Openner is a Venture Builder that partners with entrepreneurs to transform great ideas and products into venture-backable companies.

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