We power ambitious founders to build and launch venture-backable companies. 

We help our founders and companies achieve product-market fit by providing them with in-house functional talent, financial capital, and startup creation expertise.


De-risk your idea and increase your chances of success.

We harness our playbook, resources, capital, and toolkits to help you rapidly prove your concept and enable you to focus on the core activities of building your business.


Work side-by-side with our multifaceted team of experts.

Our in-house team will provide you with the support and know-how to help you build a business that can succeed. Together, we will validate your idea, build and test the MVP, and acquire your first customers.


Receive an investment ticket, build your product and go to market.

In addition to the company building support you get within our studio, you will receive initial investment to validate your idea and build your product. When the concept is proven, you will then receive additional investment when you’re ready to launch and grow the business.

We believe that every
idea needs its own growth tempo.

Through our process of startup creation, we infuse momentum by deploying a balance of in-house talent, financial capital, and company building toolkits to rapidly de-risk ideas and help our founders build future-proof businesses. 

A four-step stage-gated process of
launching venture-backable companies 

Phase 1

Here we work on verifying desirability by mapping out early product specs which will need to be tested and validated with supporting evidence to indicate the viability of the business idea. 

Phase 2

Here we build the first market-ready version of the product and acquire first customers.

Phase 3

After successful product development, we focus on launching the business and growing the customer base to achieve product market fit.

Phase 4

Having achieved PMF, we continue supporting the venture team with strategic guidance and support to streamline its operations and scale.

Areas of Hands-On Support

Product & Design

Our in-house design experts help you build the right product for the right customer needs.


Our in house engineers support founders with establishing the right development processes and tech stacks in order to build defensible and scalable technology.

Branding, Marketing & PR

We will help you build a powerful brand identity and craft compelling stories and marketing campaigns that put your product on the forefront of its competitive landscape.


We provide you with hands-on support in crafting the right growth process and help you scale your revenue and customer base.


We support you in shaping your fundraising strategy and connect you with the right investors for your business.

Recruiting & Talent

Finding the right talent for your venture is easier now with our talent acquisition expertise and the right on-boarding process.

A team working
across disciplines!

We are your team of startup professionals
and functional experts, and we’re ready
to work with you from concept to launch.

Studio FAQs

The venture studio concept has come to revolutionize the traditional capital investment in startups. Therefore, it provides support beyond investment to offering technical resources and co-building mechanisms of the new ventures side by side with the future-founders.

Besides the support in technical aspects, the venture studio definitely offers a funding ticket across the phases of the pre-launch and validation of the MVP.

You can either share with us any idea you have and work hand-in-hand with our team of experts to formulate your MVP and validate your problem and solution according to market needs.

Still if you do not have any idea but you have the entrepreneurial attitude to contribute to building an impactful venture you can -check our studio ideas- and collaborate with us.

We work across different industries and we are keen to make a difference in every sector and the society as a whole. Therefore, we look for ideas everywhere and we look forward to empowering early-stage startups making an impact in every field using high-end technology.

Still, there are some fields that compel us the most such as AI & Blockchain, Enterprise SaaS, Digital Health Management and Solutions, Sports, Entertainment & Media, e-Commerce, among others.

We believe that technology has a double capacity to drive change in the shortest time, therefore, we focus on supporting technology-driven impactful solutions.

Yes! This is one of the many perks you enjoy besides working along our expert team and receiving investment.


Openner is a Venture Builder that partners with entrepreneurs to transform great ideas and products into venture-backable companies.

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