We create global
networks to
local clusters

We invest in early stage startups that are leveraging deep technology and innovation to solve problems that improve quality of life, quality of work, enhances collaboration and peer-to-peer interactions that are lead by the smartest and dedicated problem solvers.

Early stage startups with category defining vision and drive.

We partner early at the accelerator, seed, and series A stages of a venture’s growth.
We look for committed, category defining, vision driven founders with potential for
high growth who are plugged into their local ecosystems.

By Investing in Startups
that have passion to
reshape the future, we seek
investments that leverage:

We are value creators
through a Venture Builder Model

Enterprise Software
(SaaS + Pass)

Sharing Economy &

The Future of Technology
and Software

The Future of Work and
Social Collaboration

Big Data

Provide funding
to early stage founders
through the global accelerators

Our ethos at Openner is shaped by
our empathy for founders, the partners at
Openner Capital have all founded, operated,
and scaled successful technology ventures,
and we believe in the power of innovation
ecosystems as a catalyst for startup growth.

We invest in founders we can fuel to move
fast and forward with the power of our
ecosystem network engine.

The bold, the daring, the executors in
early-stage companies with category
defining visions and potential.

Dependent on the location and
macro-economics of the regions, the
talent pool and network of the founders,
we will invest not only capital, but fund the
resourcing, provide space, and talent to
truly build scalable ventures.

Learn more about the
Openner Local
Accelerators, or view
our portfolio.

Meet the trailblazers.

To support and scale
with strategic resources
in addition to capital

We help early stage startup build extreme-scale
businesses and help them cross the chasm by
providing strategic value add resources.
Startups need more than capital. We provide
Expertise, Strategies, Connections, Mentorship,
Leadership Development Skills, and ultimately
in Product Development, Product
Distribution, and Company Infrastructure to help
them go from startup ventures to
category-leading enterprises in their
market niches.

A powerful ecosystem
backing exceptional teams.

Helping startups
beat the odds

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