We, at Openner, believe in innovation. We strengthen local startup
communities and actively engage with startup founders, mentors,
partner organizations and more to create an environment where
innovation never stops and entrepreneurship thrives.

Over the years, we have built a support system for startups to help them make better decisions throughout their startup journey that includes cash and services.

Cash Investment

Cash and financial resources are pivotal to startup success, but that resource alone is not enough.

Resource Investment

Openner pairs a cash investment with in-house development resources, AWS credits, dedicated legal counsel and mentorship.

We know that developing a startup is a tedious job. It takes a lot of sweat and unnerving red flag moments to build a dream or dent a change into the world. Startup founders walk a thin rope to success, leaning in one direction or other, balancing precariously all the time, inching forward, and hoping not to plunge. But startups, you don’t have to do it alone!

We celebrate innovation, commitment
and entrepreneurship, and develop
communities and create leaders to support
founders regardless of whether they
are in our program or not.

The startup community is where the ecosystem
begins and ends

We know how hard it is to found a venture, and having at it alone is
not easy walk. We connect with startup founders at the critical
stages of their ideas forming by providing:

Tools and Platforms to support the startup journey.

Access to investors to support the startup growth.

Access to customers to validate product-market fit.

Access to entrepreneurs and technology partners.

Access to partnerships to accelerate distribution.

Connections to and collaboration with other startup communities.

Openner connects and collaborates with
communities to strengthen the ecosystem. We are
dedicated to providing value and support
organizations sharing our vision.

We help with every
facet of venture
building – other than
coming with the idea
and vision.

Innovation experiments
need measurable results

Openner Labs is where you put your startup
experiments through thorough testing.
We are
a venture resource and builder that partners with early
stage founders in niche and emerging markets. We
co-create innovations, design from the MVP to the
next big version partnering with founders create
extreme scale technologies to emerge as category
defining leading enterprises.

Venture architects and
tactical resources on
your team

Openner labs has the best in market talent
who are top of their fields,
who know
startups, and can work through market
adoption stages to deliver the right solution
for the right challenge, at the right time with
the highest of quality and strategic insight.

Emerging founders often
think that they need
money, but they really
need a better strategy,
and resources to execute
on that strategy. That’s
where we come in.


Saud H. Al Nowais

Commercial Counselor

Embassy of the United Arab Emirates to the United States

Mohamed Elagazy

Venture Partner-MENA


Gamal El Sadat


Etisalat Misr

Ash Rofail

General Partner


Ahmed Osman


International Council for Small Business (ICSB)

Alexander Rofail

Head of Venture

Now Investments

Yev Muchnik

Venture Partner

General Council

Partnering through
network accelerators

Openner lab resources work closely with
accelerator program leadership,
and work
alongside the founders and galvanize the
learnings from the accelerator program sessions
to iterate on technology solutions, marketing
and sales strategies,
and the building of an
company infrastructure that matches the
business model the founder is pursuing.

Learn more about how
Openner Labs partners
with Openner Local
and Openner Capital
Portfolio companies.


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